No Extra Burden!
We have a dedicated team working for you.

We will assign a team (we call it NexTeam) consisting of our proprietary AI assistants, health coaches, dietitians, nutritionists and medical assistants work seamlessly for you to manage the Medicare users, without interrupting your current workflow.

Join to be our provider
We understand doctors need focus on practice.
So we will do the rest for you!

You Decide Your Calendar

Allocate your time available and we will schedule a secure virtual call with the patient who needs it.

Monitor Your Patients

You can monitor both health and behavioral data of your managed patient pool in our professional portal. Our AI engine ranks the patients based on risks so you can focus on those who need your advice the most .

Schedule Patient for You

Our dedicated AI + human assistants will schedule patients for a virtual visit for you according to your calendar.

Billing and Compliance Tools

Medicare is complicated, but that's our task to make it easy for you. We integrated comprehensive billing and compliance tools and assign a professional team for our providers to track insightful metrics and be audit ready.

We are building a team of providers

Why join our StarTeam?

Focus on Practice
Our team will handle all administrative tasks for you, so you can focus on providing care.
New Patients
Engaged and long-lasting new patients from outside or your existing pool.
You have full flexibility to deliver care at your convenience according to your schedule.
Be part of our tech-embracing and collaborative learning community.
Additional Income
You can generate additional stable incomes. (about $200/hr)
Better Outcomes
With our dedicated professional coaching team, you can achieve better clinical outcomes (HbA1c reduction between 1-2%).
Dedicated to Serving
Medicare Members.
We are a care team dedicated to serving the members who need it most - 60 million Medicare Members Like You.
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